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Did You Know?

Subscribing to a weekly or monthly maintenance schedule and identifying and repairing your problems while they’re small is the best way to keep your gear in top operating condition and keep your replacement costs down. 

Let our experienced technicians visit your site on a regular basis to:

  • Clean dust screens
  • Replace lamps
  • Inspect all cabling and connections
  • Verify proper operation of all components

Do you have A/V gear installed in your facility that just doesn’t seem to work right anymore?

Let our team at LMF Audio perform a complimentary assessment of all of your installed systems.

We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your existing audio, lighting, video, and rigging equipment and give you a free assessment of the status and health of your systems as well as any items in need of repair or service. Then we’ll design a customized plan to get your equipment back in peak shape, all within your schedule and budget.  

Don’t sit this one out any longer – let the team at LMF Audio help get you back to peak performance.